Clemens Koppensteiner

Clemens Koppensteiner I was a Postdoctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford's Mathematical Institute.


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My main area of work is broadly within algebraic geometry, taking inspiration from representation theory. As such, my work takes ideas and insights that arise in (geometric) representation theory and puts them into a wider geometric context. Conversely this wider context can than be used to increase our understanding of representation theoretic questions.

My main focus is on different types of derived categories of sheaves. These are gadgets associated to a geometric or topological space which can be viewed as a kind of linearization. Thus they are often more tractable to algebraic study, while still retaining information about the underlying space. Simultaneously, such categories can be used to encode questions from other fields of mathematics, most notably representation theory. This allows for the use of geometric methods in the study of such questions.

The concrete topics I am working on include t-structures on categories of coherent sheaves, categorical algebra actions, D-modules in logarithmic geometry and Riemann–Hilbert correspondences, and Hochschild cohomology and support theory for D-modules on stacks.

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My thesis, Some microlocal aspects of perverse coherent sheaves and equivariant D-modules.

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