Math 100, Summer 2016

The lecture is in MATH 100, M 4-5pm, TWTh 4-6pm.


Clemens Koppensteiner
Office hours Thursday 3-4pm in Math 111 (or talk to me after class)

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Text book and other resources

We will be using the "CLP notes", which you can find on the author's website. The website also contains links to some other free calculus textbooks. These are useful, because they contain lots of practice problems that you should do.

Some past exams are made available by the math department. Even more past exams are on the UBC wiki.

Some old quizzes: 1 (solutions), 2 (solutions), 3 (solutions), 4 (solutions). 5 (solutions). 6 (solutions).


Date Topics Sections Comments
Mon, May 9 introduction to limits 1.1-1.3
Tue, May 10 more on limits; using limit laws 1.3, 1.4
Wed, May 11 continuity; limits at infinity 1.6, 1.5
Thu, May 12 derivatives; examples; quiz 2.1-2.3 Quiz, Solutions
Mon, May 16 derivatives of sums, products and ratios 2.4-2.6
Tue, May 17 Exponential function and its derivative 2.7
Wed, May 18 derivatives of trig functions 2.8
Thu, May 19 chain rule; inverse functions; quiz 2.9, 0.6 Quiz, Solutions
Mon, May 23 No class
Tue, May 24 implicit differentiation; derivative of logarithms and logarithmic differentiation 2.11, 2.10
Wed, May 25 inverse trig functions and their derivatives, higher order derivatives 2.12, 2.14
Thu, May 26 rates of change; quiz; review 3.1 Quiz, Solutions
Mon, May 30 exponential growth and decay 3.3
Tue, May 31 midterm; related rates 3.2
Wed, Jun 1 related rates; linear approximation 3.2, 3.4
Thu, Jun 2 Taylor polynomials; quiz 3.4 Quiz, Solutions
Mon, Jun 6 Taylor remainder 3.4
Tue, Jun 7 finding min and max; mean value theorem 3.5.1, 3.5.2; 2.12
Wed, Jun 8 mean value theorem; curve sketching 2.12; 3.6
Thu, Jun 9 more curve sketching; quiz 3.6 Quiz, Solutions
Mon, Jun 13 even more curve sketching; de L'Hospital's rule 3.6; 3.7
Tue, Jun 14 de L'Hospital's rule 3.7
Wed, Jun 15 optimization problems; antiderivatives 3.5.3, 4.1
Thu, Jun 16 quiz; review Quiz, Solutions

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