Math 317 Section 201, Winter 2016/17, Term 2

The lecture is in LSK 460, MWF 2-3pm.


Clemens Koppensteiner
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See the website for section 202. Graded homeworks can be picked up at the Math Learning Center. (Pick up homeworks regularly. They only keep old homeworks for two weeks.)


Outline and notes

Date Topics Notes
Jan 4 Introduction
Jan 6 Parametrized curves: examples 0106.pdf
Jan 9 Derivative of vector-valued functions; arc length 0109.pdf
Jan 11 arc length; reparametrization by arc length 0111.pdf
Jan 13 curvature 0113.pdf
Jan 16 More on curvature; motion 0116.pdf
Jan 18 acceleration; quiz 0118.pdf
Jan 20 Kepler's 1st and 2nd law 0120.pdf
Jan 23 Vector fields 0123.pdf
Jan 25 Line integrals (functions) 0125.pdf
Jan 27 More on line integrals 0127.pdf
Jan 30 Line integrals (vector fields) 0130.pdf
Feb 1 Fundamental thoerem for conservative fields 0201.pdf
Feb 3 Criteria for conservative vector fields 0203.pdf
Feb 6 More about vector fields with non simply connected domain 0206.pdf
Feb 15 More on finding potentials; Green's theorem 0215.pdf
Feb 17 Green's theorem; computing areas 0217.pdf
Feb 27 More on Green's theorem
Mar 1 Curl and divergence 0301.pdf
Mar 3 Parametrization of surfaces 0303.pdf
Mar 6 Tangent plane; surface area 0306.pdf
Mar 8 Examples of surface area computations 0308.pdf
Mar 10 Surface integrals of functions 0310.pdf
Mar 13 Orientation of surfaces; flux integral 0313.pdf
Mar 17 examples of flux integrals 0317.pdf
Mar 20 Stoke's Theorem and induced orientations 0320.pdf
Mar 22 Stoke's Theorem examples and applications 0322.pdf
Mar 24 Examples 0324.pdf
Mar 27 Divergence theorem 0327.pdf
Mar 29 Divergence theorem with cavities; outlook 0329.pdf
Mar 31 Review Summary and strategies, Surface integrals, Problem with Stoke's Theorem, Some paramatrizations, Problem with Divergence Theorem
Apr 3 Review
Apr 5 Review